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This is your journey.  You determine what your hopes are for this journey and what you require from me to make this process worthwhile.  

Life experiences are unique to the individual that requires an individualized approach.  We can discuss this duirng the initial consultation call or during our first session.  

Some individuals prefer to share their story and bring questions to discuss, while others prefer to be guided in revealing their story or aspects of.  

I will support you in revealing aspects of your story through questions or reflective exercises- this is based on what fits for you.  

I will not pressure you to reveal or discuss aspects of your story that you choose not to.

Therapy is a personal investment in oneself.  I often refer to therapy as a workout for the mind and is as important as healthy eating and exercise.  

Therapy will provide opportunities to explore your ways of thinking and how this has impacted your way of being in the world.   While we cannot change the circumstances in our world, we can shift our ways of thinking that will allow more peace and calm into your life. 

Change is a process and for some can occur more quickly than for others.  The duration of therapy is unique to the individual and is always determined by you.  

 “There is more to yourself than anyone has so far discovered.” Anonymous