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 Therapy is one of many journeys that individuals begin, to inspire change and self-discovery that involves a collaboration between the therapist and individuals.  At Isheaga, we believe that within each individual lies their authentic self to be as they are.  





Be as you are, not who you think you should be. 

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About Donicka

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a back ground in Child and Youth Care Practice.  My 20 + years  experiences of supporting individuals and families have taught me that change is the one, yet most often feared constant in individual's lives.  When we learn to let go of  the fear, we open ourselves up to allowing new ways of thinking and experiencing to unfold.  Together we can co create the space for you to experience self compassion, healing and clarity during this change process.  

Clinical Supervision Services

Individual and supervision groups are offered to support your clinical practice.   

Individual Supervision is $100 per 1 hour session. 

Group supervision complements individual supervision by providing you with opportunities to participate in a collective learning experience for gaining knowledge, sharing unique skills, resources and strengthening clinical insight. This is achieved by drawing on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of practitioners and therapists. Engaging in reflective and self-inquiry and providing feedback are valuable aspects of clinical supervision and that fosters professional development and ensures better outcomes for clinical practice. 


Sessions are held the first Monday of each month starting February 3 until August 3. Group is for 3 hours, starting at 5:30 pm. A minimum of three participants is required and the maximum number of participants is 6. Members have the option to participate in person or online. Members are required to present a minimum, of 2 cases during this 6-month period.  Articles, theoretical modalities, case presentations, and additional case discussions will be featured to enhance the learning experiences that group supervision offers. 


Sessions of 6 three hours sessions is $420.00 per person payable via etransfer before the first group.   

Counseling Services

Services to assist children, youth, adults and families in navigating their life journey.

For individuals, and families who are experiencing issues related to ...

Life transitions (school, family, career) 


Divorce and separation

Parenting (teen parent conflict, children's behaviours)

Foster Care and adoption experiences and transitions


Social skills

Stress, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, ADHD

Purpose and meaning


Achieiving self compasion, healing and clarity occurs through experience:

At Isheaga we recognize that individuals come with their own unqiue experiences and can benefit from an individualized approach that may include:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

​Dialetical Behavioural Therapy 

Spirituality Integrated Psychotherapy


Attachment and Trauma Informed Practice  

Emotional Focused Therapy 

Play Therapy and expressive arts

Compassion Focused Therapy  

Receive support for...

Depression & Anxiety


Depression and anxiety are some of the most common issues individuals experience.  By identifying what is fueling these experiences, we can create space for establishing new  possibilities for understanding and coping with situations that can trigger depressive and anxious thoughts.  

Life transitions


Change is one of the most difficult experiences to manage and can affect individuals of all ages.  School, work transitions; foster care and adoption; Divorce and separation issues can lead to overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness and the uncertainty for how to manage and move forward.   Through discovery and understanding, a new way of thinking and being can occur.    



We are social creatures and require interactions with others to thrive.  Issues relating to low self confidence, adhd, emotional regulation and communication can impede our efforts to develop and maintain healthy relationships.  Learn to identify your "stuck points" and activate your potential for becoming who you desire to be.  Change can occur.


Sessions are $120 per hour

Sliding scale is available 

Payment options

Visa, mastercard, debit or cash. 

We are covered by:

Blue Cross

Provider Connect


ETFO - Educational Teachers Federation of Ontario

Please confirm with your insurance provider as other companies do cover Psychotherapy.

Brampton and Toronto Locations

60 Queen Street East #105, Brampton., 16 Marina Avenue Toronto, ON Canada

(416) 407-2518


Mondays to Saturdays. Early morning and evening appointments also available.  

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Thoughts to move you forward

Mindful moments:
Making life work for you requires a healthy balance of mind body and spirit.  SO, what does this all mean anyway?  There is a famous quote from Buddha that states, "What we think, we become." If you are ruminating over the stressors of the day, what has happened, what could or what did not as a means to work this through or perhaps your hope is to create a different outcome.  Guess what my friends, that will not happen, yet an increase in your stress and frustrations will.